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Fundación UCR

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Web Platform Introduction to Bridge Inspection


Modality: Web mode course.


Price: ¢ 32,500 colones (Thirty-two thousand five hundred colones)


Quotas available: 25


Duration: 45 effective hours


With Certificate of use issued by the University of Costa Rica.


Dates of the course: from July 1 to August 5, 2019.


Deadline for registration and payments: July 10, 2018.


Link to the web platform of the course:


Inquiries and information: or by phone +506 2511-2519




·         Overall objective

Introduce the basic concepts of bridge inspection and establish the foundations for advanced inspection courses.


·         Addressed to

Civil Engineering professionals and technical assistants involved in the inspection and maintenance of existing bridges.


·         Specific objectives

1. Explore the background of the Administration of Bridges in Costa Rica and know the basic elements of a Bridge Inspection Program.


2. Identify the main components and elements of a bridge, as well as the different types of bridges that exist.


3. Describe some basic concepts of mechanics of materials and structural mechanics to understand the behavior of a bridge before the application of load.


4. Establish the steps and general rules to carry out a bridge inspection in a safe, effective and efficient manner.


5. Expose the types of damage that could be found in a bridge according to the element and the type of material of which it is composed.


·         Requirements

Have a computer with Internet access of at least 1 -2 MB

1. Internet Explorer (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

2. Have an audio system on the computer