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Peatlands: Its importance in Costa Rica and greenhouse gas monitoring methods


Peatlands: Its importance in Costa Rica and greenhouse gas monitoring methods

This course offers an introduction to the study of peatlands in different parts of the world and provides an opportunity to review and discuss the knowledge and priorities to be considered in Costa Rica.

The distribution, importance and techniques for the recognition of peatlands in the field will be reviewed, as well as the valuation of the ecosystem service of the wetlands.

Theoretical and practical topics about the study of carbon fluxes in peatlands will be covered and the training will allow attendees to become familiar with the current advances and methodologies available for the sampling of emissions in the field. Techniques based on gas chromatography, real time detection via spectroscopy and detection via eddy covariance will be included.

Objectives of the activity:

Instruct participants on the characteristics and factors that have contributed to the formation of peatlands, carbon dynamics and greenhouse gas flows.

Guiding participants in the valuation of ecosystem services of wetlands

Review and discuss with participants the available studies on GHG flows in Costa Rican terrestrial wetlands.

Instruct participants in three types of GHG monitoring techniques, with emphasis on CH4 and CO2. Review the theoretical basis, execute a practical session with two monitoring techniques and complete a data analysis session.

Instructors in charge:

  • Dr. Hinsby Cadillo, Arizona State University
  • Dr. Ana María Durán, University of Costa Rica
  • Dr. Andrea Vincent, University of Costa Rica
  • M.Sc. Jacklyn Rivera Wong, National Wetlands Program, SINAC
  • M.Sc. Ana Gabriela Pérez Castillo, University of Costa Rica

Date: June 3, 4 and 5, 2019

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Venue: Mini auditorium CINA (Research City, UCR)


  • $ 125 (individuals)
  • $ 50 (UCR students)

Categories: Course aimed at fourth-year or post-graduate students, UCR researchers, SINAC officials, interested public.

Requirements: Current enrollment (UCR students)

Contact for information:

Laura Brenes Alfaro / Mayela Monge Muñoz

Tels. 2511-8209 / 8200/8203

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Quotas available: 25 people

Registration period: Until May 30, 2019.