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Fundación UCR

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Interlaboratory rounds (PRIDAA)



National Center for Food Science and Technology - University of Costa Rica

Brief History:

PRIDAA is defined as Rounds Interlaboratory the distribution of a test material between the participating laboratories, which will analyze the material in some or all of the analysis are indicated, and return the results to the coordinator of the Round. These results are subjected to statistical analysis to determine the performance of each laboratory. Information on the performance of laboratories is presented in a report of the Round, designed in such a way that ensures the confidentiality of the information generated by each laboratory.




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Rates 2018 - 2019:

Number of Rounds

Cost per Round (by MAIL)

Cost per Round (by COURIER)

Cost for Round (by COURIER)

Central America *

South America*

Less than 3 Rounds

$70 US

$100 US

$140 US

3 - 6 Rounds

$60 US

$90 US

$130 US

Additional samples

$30 US